5 Tips on Keeping Trainers Clean

Buying trainers is one thing but keeping them clean and lasting is another thing entirely. To maintain the quality of trainers; you must be ready to carter for them when they are being used or simply lying fallow or hanging somewhere. When trainers are not being used, it doesn’t matter how enclosed a room could be –it’s only a matter of days before one begins to notice mild stains of dust all over it. The danger, however, is in the prevalence of such stains, if it becomes too frequent, then the color and texture of your footwear is slowly but surely being attacked.

Once it becomes a routine that every other time you are left to the mercy of getting mounting dust off your trainers; it is from that moment your footwear diminishes in quality and elegance–although the level of weakening may appear insignificance at first, you can be assured that the day you bought it was the last day it had its 100% quality.

So how do you keep your trainers protected?
This is the first tip on keeping your trainers clean.

Get a shoe box

This comes in different styles and patterns. And some come in unique designs. You can get one from any of the popular online stores. Plastic shoe boxes are usually designed in ways that allow ventilation while preventing dust. Ventilation is essential as trainers stored in airtight containers could have a damaging effect on the footwear. Most shoe boxes are drop-fronts and recently been upgraded to contain 6pairs of shoes.

Use the right cleaning kit

As the saying goes “cleaning kit is the secret to staying fresh.” To ensure your trainers stay fresh; your perfect cleaning kit should be the following –soap, spray, soft brush, microfiber towel, etc. Just as anti-rust keeps irons rust-free, sprays such as the popular CREP PROTECT and other common products [namely Jason Markk ‘Repel’ spray] are known to be some of the best stain resistance out there. They have a nice smell and sure would keep your trainers fresh.

Always have waterproof socks handy to protect your trainers from tough stains if the need arises.
Rough terrains tell quickly on trainers, so it is advisable to have waterproof socks within reach and when the need arises; it should be worn atop it to shield the footwear temporarily.

Use trainer wipes from time to time

Buy your trainer wipes today –common names are sneaky wipes, crep protect, jump, etc. and it comes in different packs. A pack could contain up to 40 wipes and you mostly just need a wipe to get your trainers clean and fresh per time.

Observe the weather and keep your trainers indoor if it is going to rain.
You certainly don’t want to get your trainers on wet roads and muddy floor. Exposing your footwear to tough stains through wet and muddy floor reduces its elegance and has a damaging effect on the overall lifespan of your trainers.


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