Shoe Cleaning Tips and tricks to save you money

Regardless of what manufacturer of shoes you have on, or the sort of shoes you have interest in, or whether you are male or female, taking care of your shoes should be paramount to you. Shoes are of different types, which means every shoe type as some distinctive cleaning method to it. However there a general tips that can be helpful to you regardless of the type of shoe you have. Here are a few shoe cleaning tips you can engage to keep your shoes clean, healthy and long-lasting, and to add glamour to your looks.

Clean It before Polishing

Some shoes are known to attract dust more than others. However provided you put your shoes to use, regardless of what type, it tends to attract dust. Your shoes also just being somewhere lying idle, automatically attracts dust. This is why it is necessary you dust it either with a duster, or a slightly moist cloth, depending on the type of shoes before polishing it. This is good because it helps the shoe shine better after polishing and brings out its beauty. Do this often, and your shoe keeps looking like it was the first day you bought it.

Allow In Air Often

Have you ever been somewhere, and you get irritated by the smell of someone’s shoes? Yes, this happens often, and it is disgusting. To avoid this, it is necessary you expose your shoes more often to fresh air. Do this while not in use more often, and also after a long day of use, take out time to air your shoes to avoid it producing an offensive odour. Exposing your shoes to sunlight goes a long way in keeping it free from odour.

Make Use Of Foot Powders

Have you ever noticed most shoes comes with some powdered contents? Yes. Those are foot powders. Sometimes you might be rushing to keep up an appointment that you forget to wear your socks. Other times, it might be that you got soaked up by unexpected rain, or any other thing that makes your feet moist. The first thing to do is to air your shoes, and ensure it is dried. After which you put some of the foot powder into it. This will help prevent offensive odour, and also kill germs locked up in your shoes.
Now you can keep your shoes clean, long lasting and healthy with these tips, as your shoes do well in making you look good.


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