Top 5 Best Shoe Disinfectant Sprays Providing Instant Results

Shoe deodorizing and disinfectant sprays should be in every person’s shoe accessories list as it can help prevent problems such as smelly feet and toenail fungus, athletes foot, fingernail fungus which is responsible for most toenail disorders among other problems.

Disinfectant Sprays for shoes

Buying and applying the disinfectant spray does not mean that you are free of this problems, you need to purchase a shoe spray with proven results. The following are the top 5 best shoe disinfectant sprays that provide instant and long lasting results.

1. Dr. Scholl’s Odor X

This is a deodorizer that comes in powder form. It is mainly used for cooling the feet and rid shoes of bad odor. It works fast and leaves a long lasting delightful smell. This product would also be ideal for people who constantly sweat on their feet as it absorbs sweat. It is easy to apply and compared to other products in the same class it is relatively affordable. The only downside the Odor X is that the powder might be messy but it is easy to clean and does not stain.

2. 10 Seconds Shoe Deodorizer and Disinfectant

The standards are set very high with this shoe spray. This is the first and only EPA approved shoe disinfectant currently in the market. The phrase “10 seconds” in its name is in respect to how fast this product works. This spray will keep your shoes free of mold, germs and fungus. As you can also tell from its name, this products can also be used as a deodorizer by spraying the shoes to keep the foul smell away. The company guarantees that this action will have no negative effect on the shoe whatsoever.

3. Comyan Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer Sterilizer

This product integrates ultraviolet rays to get rid of fungus and prevent conditions such as foot odor and tinea pedis. It works by placing it in the shoe, setting the timer and after 15 minutes it will turn off. The lamp is made of a cathode tube which can be changed if necessary. This sanitizer can be used for an average of more than 8000 hours. This shoe sanitizer from Comyan also acts as a deodorizer by removing all the bad odor from the shoe. It is portable hence a great choice when traveling and it is performs well.

4. Remedy Antifungal Powder

This powder made by the Remedy Company can help treat cases of fungi infections such as jock itch and ringworms. It can also help relieve itching and irritation around the feet area.The product can be applied on the feet, socks or the shoes. The powder is talc-free and therefore poses no harmful side effects on the users. It also has a nice scent which helps to subdue bad odor and the powder stays in place when applied and lasts for long.

5. Dr. Blaine Tineacide Foot & Shoe Spray

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the manufacturers claim that it eliminates 99% of all the fungus found in the shoe. It contains an ingredient called undecylenic acid which is commonly found in many disinfectant products. The Dr. Blaine Tineacide foot & shoe spray can be used on the shoes or the feet.

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