The Best Sneaker Protectant Enlightening And Informative Details

I love sued shoes a lot mainly because they are comfortable and they have uneven tonal quality. These shoes are also ideal in spring for they are ideal for the rain, cooler temperatures and wind. They are also fashionable where I get to wear the very comfortable over the knee sued boots.

Enlightening And Informative Details About The Best Sneaker Protectant

But one thing about sued shoes is that they are not easy to take care of. When you have sued shoes you need to forecast the daily weather and also you cannot mindlessly step on odd garbage. But all this changed when I discovered the popular Jason Markk Stain and Water Repellent Spray

One of the main qualities of this sneaker protectant is that Markk has a patented technology to make the spray. He has also ensured that the ingredients used to make this surf spray are environmental friendly. This particular spray is waterlike and it gently protects and coats almost anything including leather, suede, canvas and nylon. This sneaker protectant does not have a smell that is not offensive even though it is not completely odorless as stated in its advertisement.

Using this high quality surf spray is simple where I just mist the solution on my suede boots and heels before wearing them. I take care to ensure that I do not over saturate my shoes by dabbing with a paper towel whenever I notice a place that is becoming wet. After applying a single coat over my shoes, skirts and bags I then let them to dry for 24 hours. After the 24 hours I repeat the process all over again and then wait for another 24 hours to let the spray dry properly.

Since I discovered this helpful surf spray my boots do not a ring around the toe especially when I am walking in a slushy snow. I also have leather skirt which I love very much and nowadays water does not seep through the skirt. I no longer use the Ugg Stain and Water Spray which I had been using as a leather protectant. I now consider the Jason Markk as my all around fabric protecting choice. This is made even sweeter by the fact that its cost at Amazon is just $17.

The Apple Brand Garde Rain and Stain Water Repellent Conditioner is another leather protector that is worth knowing. According to Diana Tsui who is our friend from the Cut you will still need to use an umbrella. But during the days when it is usually drizzly the water will conveniently and easily roll off your leather bag without staining. One time I even spilled iced coffee on the front of my bag and no mark was left. This leather protector has worked magic where my leather bag looks just as when I bough it two years back. When I was buying my leather bag I had thought that within a few months it would be looking old and faded. But this particular protector has effectively provided the necessary protection to make sure that the appearance of the bag remains the same. Its price on Amazon is just $8 and this makes it be regarded as one of the top but affordable leather protector.

Jason Markk Stain and Water Repellent Spray


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