Top 10 Best Waterproof Shoes 2018 Reviewed

Proper waterproof shoes might be the difference between a successful hike and an unsuccessful one. They might also dictate whether you will be comfortable when doing that difficult task in soggy conditions.

Timberland White Ledge Waterproof boot.

There are many waterproof shoes available on the internet today. However, you shouldn’t just pick a shoe because it’s waterproof and that it fits your price range. You should choose a shoe that is lightweight and that fits you correctly.

Exposing normal shoes to damp conditions will most certainly destroy them. This means that you end up buying new shoes everytime it rains or it snows. You will, however, only need to buy one or two pairs of waterproof shoes since they are not affected by water. These shoes also protect your feet from damaged skin caused by water in different conditions.

Below are the 10 best waterproof shoes that ensure that you have happy, comfortable, and waterfree feet.

10. Kingshow Men’s M0705.

This shoe is as tough as it is comfortable. It is made from genuine upper leather with a tough rubber sole. This all comes together in a sleek design that only requires you to lace up and go.

The leather provides a protective layer that not only keeps out the water but also ensures that your feet are warm. Furthermore, the shoe has added features that make it oil resistant. The hard rubber sole is designed to make it slip resistant. In addition, it has a 1.5-inch heel for added safety. Get this shoe at Amazon at an affordable price.

9. Keen Women Presidio Shoes.

These are street shoes designed for women to wade around in cold and damp conditions. It is made with genuine full grain and nubuck leather and a rubber sole to provide comfort and durability.

The rubber sole is specially designed to provide comfort when walking and to protect your toes from injury. It is also made with super grip to ensure that you are safe when walking in snow or water. For extra comfort and safety, you get a cushioned footbed and collar. Get it from Amazon at amazing prices.

8. Columbia Mens Hiking shoes.

This is a special shoe made by Columbia for hiking. However, it is safe and stylish enough for tackling day to day damp weather conditions.

It is made of a leather and textile upper and a sturdy rubber sole. It has a Techlite midsole for superior comfort and cushioning. The outer sole is made from non-slip rubber that will ensure that you conquer the trails with minimal fuss. Furthermore, the design ensures advanced toe and ankle protection. Get the shoe from Amazon at incredible prices.

7. Merrell Men’s Moab Hiking shoes.

This shoe is made from performance Suede leather and mesh. It has a synthetic sole with grooves designed to ensure grip.

The Merrell Air cushion will make you feel like you’re literally walking on air. The air cushion ensures supreme levels of comfort and ankle safety especially when hiking. The outsole provides for grip and added water resistant capabilities. Its Nylon Arch shank reduces the load on your feet and calves, especially when mountaineering. This shoe is available in many colors and affordable prices on Amazon.

6. Homar waterproof Silicon shoes.

This is a fun product made for kids but can also be worn by adults. It features Silicone shoelaces that don’t require tying.

It has a unique grip design that can withstand a lot of tension and it adjusts tightness according to the size of your foot. The shoe is waterproof and it doesn’t get wet even in snowy conditions. In addition, it features an easy clean feature where you only have to wipe the shoe with a wet cloth. The shoe is perfect for people who have difficulty tying their shoelaces. Check them out on Amazon.

5. Aleader Women’s Quick drying shoes.

This shoe is made by Aleader for women and it is available in 16 different colors and designs. Its outer material is fabric with a rubber sole.

The sole is made in a mesh style to allow your feet to breath and also for added waterproofing. It has 3 inner soles which include a comfordry sockliner and a solyte midsole to allow for comfort and safety when hiking. The sole has specially placed holes that allow water to drain quickly from the shoe. The sole offers strong grip which is essential especially when hiking. Check the shoes out on Amazon.

4. Dreamcity Men’s water shoes.

This shoe is made from 90% fabric and a tough rubber sole. It features a breathable upper air mesh to ensure that your feet are properly aerated.

It’s comfordry sockliner ensures comfort while also ensuring your feet are in cool and dry environment. The solyte midsole ensures excellent bounce back and lessens the load on your feet and calves. This is important especially when hiking or exercising. The rubber sole is made to ensure exceptional grip on wet and snowy surfaces. The fact that it is mostly made of fabric makes this shoe very light. You can check the shoe out on Amazon.

3. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof boot.

Timberland is world renowned for their quality products and they have done it again with this shoe.

The shoe is a heavy duty boot made of leather and a tough rubber sole. The full-grain leather ensures that the shoe is completely waterproof. It is treated in a special way to ensure that your feet get enough air. The shoe has a removable EVA footbed for extra comfort. In addition, the shoe is padded around the ankle area for additional comfort and safety. The rubber sole ensures maximum grip in all types of terrain. Check it out on Amazon.

2. Aleader Men’s water shoes.

This shoe is made specifically for comfort and performance. The sleek design also makes this a beautiful shoe.

It has 3 layers of insole that provide comfort and durability. The comfordry sockliner provides comfort and dryness while the midsole eases the load on your feet. The sole also has superior drainage technology that ensures that the shoe drains water effectively. Check the shoe out on Amazon.

1. Timberland White Ledge Waterproof boot.

This boot combines all the elements of a proper waterproof boot to make it to the top of this list.

It is one of the best selling boots from Timberland and the reasons are clear for all to see. It is made of quality leather that protects your feet from water and cold while still ensuring proper aeration. It has a quality inner sole that ensures great comfort and durability. The shoe also ensures toe and ankle protection. To cap it all off, the sole is manufactured to provide grip in all types of terrain. Check out this great shoe on Amazon. If your not looking to splash out on some waterproof shoes then why not try and weather proof the shoes you have.


The best shoe to pick is the shoe that you feel most comfortable in; a shoe that fits you properly for comfort and safety purposes. Comfort and safety should be the main priorities when picking the shoe that you need.

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